A heavenly assignment

3 months ago I sat at a diner with my girls enjoying brunch. I remember this woman who was sitting right beside our table crying hysterically but silently. She was beautiful, but she looked so broken…I kept glancing at her with confusion and worry. Suddenly, I slipped away from conversation and began to pray for her..I prayed that whatever this woman is crying about that God would bring her comfort right in that moment..my heart was so troubled watching her just order rounds of drinks, check her phone and stare at her untouched food with so much pain in her eyes. Debating on what to do…when I knew deep down what I had to do I looked at my friend and we got up. I searched for the waiter in discrete and told him what I wanted to do…he was amazed as he handed me the tab. I knew this is what Jesus would do..so when I finished paying I flipped over the receipt and wrote a letter from God’s heart to hers. I told her that she is beautiful and so worthy. That she never has to live discouraged about her circumstances because God LOVES her so much and He has a plan for her life…I told her that He is catching her every tear and He will restore her every pain and bring her joy. I told her that her life has purpose and God used her today to touch my own heart. Those words were not my own…because being there in that location that morning was a specific ASSIGNMENT FROM HEAVEN. I whole heartedly believe the God of the universe wanted to meet her on that day..and He needed someone willing to step out and to bring hope.

I sat back down and realized she asked for her cheque before my friends finished their meals so I was sitting there frozen in my seat..un sure of how she is about to react. What happened next made me break down. She saw that her bill was paid and started looking around the room with this look in her eyes like “who here even noticed me?” And this part is the moment I felt heaven open…she flips her receipt and reads the words written to her, and begins to sob…and sob..and close her eyes and look up to heaven..and sob. It was just her and Jesus in that room. From a distance with tears in my own eyes I watched the love of God begin cover her, and lift up her every burden. It was as if instantly she realized her life didn’t have to be filled with sorrow..that there was a GOD who sees her, and loves her in her brokenness. The beautiful part was that she didn’t even notice me cry with her…God allowed me to be hidden and to sit there as witness with all of heaven..tears of sorrow turning into tears of joy.

Flash forward 3 months later and I’m sitting at a coffee shop, gazing out the window saying a silent prayer before I start my day, and out of no where I feel a SPECIFIC tug at my spirit. I immediately grab my journal and start writing…and the Holy Spirit tells me to start praying for that woman…I was confused because I haven’t thought of her in a while, but I began to write..and just pray blessings over her life. Then all of sudden…I start flipping through my camera roll and begin searching for the date that I encountered this woman..and there it was!!!! It was on THIS day 3 months ago that I completed the heavenly assignment. The faithfulness of God is real. He wanted to remind me of what He was doing and what He is still at work doing. I smiled…and felt a flood of peace. I don’t know where she is today, but somewhere on this earth she is smiling. She may have felt defeated, broken and hopeless 3 months ago but GOD heard her cry..and today she is REJOICING.💛

Oh what a testament to the FAITHFULNESS of Christ Jesus. I chose to share this with you friends because i want you to understand why giving my heart to Jesus was the best decision I ever made. He will never pass you by, He is constantly there…rejoicing over you, and He loves you uncontrollably through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

By Zion Tesfaye

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